March 7, 2011

MOMpreneur Monday (and GIVEAWAY!): Lilybugs Clips n' More

Good morning everyone! It's such a beautiful morning, and what better way to celebrate the emergence of Spring than with a lovely MOMpreneur?!

Introducing Stacy from Lilybugs Clips n' More!

What do you do?

I make handmade hair accessories! I use the inspiration from my daughter Lily and my imagination. I try to do things that I haven't seen much of. it is wasn't for my daughter, I wouldn't be where I am.

Why do you love it?

I have always had a passion for crafty things. When I had my daughter 5 years ago, I started doing clips for her and it's grown since then. I've always had a passion for it and it's even better to see the smiles they bring. That's why I love it.

What advice do you have for other MOmpreneurs?

My advice: do what makes you happy and don't let others stop you. If you enjoy it, go for it! Share your passion with others!

Thank you so much for your kind words, Stacy and for creating really cute clips for little girls!

If you're in the Woodstock area, Lilybugs Clips n' More are featured at All Aboard Kids and Kangaroo Kid (also in the St. Thomas location) and in Tillsonburg at Tiger by the Tail. You can contact Stacy through email, and also find her on facebook!

NOW! Stacy was kind enough to want to do a GIVEAWAY! It will run until FRIDAY March 11th at 9pm EST.

What can you win? A $20 credit for the products of your choice from Lilybugs!

How to Enter:

1) Become friends with Lilybugs Clips n' More on Facebook, comment here that you've done so

2) Comment here what you would spend your $20 credit on

3) Share this on Twitter "I entered the @sweetstellas Giveaway to win $20 from LilybugsClipsn'More!" - this can be done DAILY! Make sure you comment back here each time!

4) Become a follower of the Sweet Stella's blog, comment below that you are!

Don't forget your email address on your entries so you can be contacted when you win!


Hanlon Lain Photography said...

I would totally blow 20.00 at Lilibugs on her amazing sculpted clips. Amazingly crafted, expertly designed and always beautiful! keep up the great work S! Really proud of you!

lovekitten16 said...

I am a new fan to Lilibugs (but already ordered something) and could easily spend $20+ on hair accessories for my daughter. I love the colors and styles that Lilibugs offers.

I just started to follow Sweet Stella's blog.. lovekitten16

my email is

Megal said...

I friended her on FB :)

Megal said...

I already subscribe to your blog!

Megal said...

I would have to spend the prize on bows- I love them, my daughter wears them and there are too many to pick from!

Michelle/Autumn's Mom said...

I am friends with Lilybugs on facebook. And if I won I would spend it on the small baby snap clips that she does. Since my little girl has next to no hair, these perfect little clips stay in great. I love all the little designs and have gathered up quite a collection now. Love it!

Anonymous said...

I'm a friend of Lilybugs, her stuff is great! I love her flower headbands for baby girls! I would spend the $20 on a tutu.

Anonymous said...

oh, and my mail is

Anonymous said...

My Girls love the ponytails. And the clips with the curly ribbon. So I would prob. get more of those, and I would get some soother clips for my brother, he is going to be a new daddy in October.
Email address is

C said...

I am friends with Lilybugs!!! I am also a follower of the Sweet Stella's blog. If I won I would spend it on newborn clothing ... my friend is having a baby next month and she sure could use the help! Loving all the items tho!!! I love homemade things.

ladybuggirl said...

i lve lilybugs clips she has so many thing to choose from i would love to get my 5 month old some great thing from her i would love to get her a tutu

Andrea said...

I'm a friend of Lilybugs on facebook and now a follower of your blog.
With $20 I'd pick up some great hair clips for my niece's upcoming 1st birthday!

Sara C said...

I am friends with Lilybugs, I am also a follower of the Sweet Stella's blog..i love all her items and if I would win the $20 i would spend it on clips and headbands for my 13 month daughter you can never get enough :)

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