January 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Slowly but Surely

Slowly but surely we're getting back into the swing of things.

Today's topic...cold remedies for babies and parents!

I am very thankful for our humidifier, which has helped our son feel a tonne better and also for the following products

Both have helped our son get through his cold. It's terrible that there's nothing really you can do when your baby gets sick...snuggles, movies, cartoons, family naps. The humidifier, along with the Vapour-Plugin and Vicks Baby Rub (on his chest and bottoms of his feet, at every diaper change and after a pre-bedtime warm bath) has really helped. He's still pretty snotty, but he's at least not as miserable as he was at the beginning of the week.

Now, what has helped Mommy feel better?

We're not big medicators in our family, though I will take sinus medication to relieve the pain and pressure, and typically I've leaned toward natural remedies before OTC medication. I was terrified to use the Neti-Pot, but now that I have and have felt the instant relief, I can't imagine not having this the routine.

It's pretty gross, but it really relieves the pain and pressure associated with a sinus cold. Use as needed, up to four times a day, adjusting the saline solution to one that is comfortable to use. The trick is to breathe through your mouth and relax...let gravity take hold and try not to be too grossed out with the stream that will run out of one nostril and down your face. It really does work, and I would highly recommend it to a busy Mom or Dad who has a little one on their hands and can't afford to be sick for too long!

We'll be back into the full swing of things in a few days after a few more naps...many more movies and a few more snuggles.

Until then, have you entered the giveaway yet? It ends on MONDAY!

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