March 11, 2015

Carrot Ginger #juice #recipe for Breastfeeding Moms

Proper nutrition when you are breastfeeding is super important, and something that I have been doing alot of research on to help out my postpartum doula clients.

Breastfeeding didn't exactly go as planned for me, so I wanted to make sure that I had a load of knowledge in my doula toolkit...what to eat, how to create a comfortable environment, touch base with local lactation consultants etc.

One way to get amazing lactation boosting nutrients is to juice, and juicing is something that I have become pretty proficient at over the past year, so it is something that I really love to be able to provide my clients with. A fresh juice, delivered to your door? Pretty awesome.

Now, when I'm making juice for my doula clients, I usually like to make a big batch, then transfer it into a sealed pitcher that they can put in the fridge. Fresh made juices can keep 24-48 hours once chilled (max. 72 hrs)

7 apples (cored)
5 large carrots (rinsed)
3 pears (cored)
3" ginger (peeled)
1 lemon (rind removed, white pith left on)

Yes, that's a lot of produce but it will yield about 50oz of that beautiful vibrant orange juice that you see above! Since all of the ingredients are firm, the order that you push everything through your juicer doesn't really matter.

Once you've juiced everything (you may have to take a break to transfer some into your pitcher, then resume juicing), swirl it together in your pitcher then seal it up, and refrigerate.

If you're not fond of the ginger flavor, add another lemon. Lemons and apples naturally cut strong flavors when juicing, and both are great lactation boosters.


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